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why does this house look like this
i hate this house
with its beige walls
and cardboard floors
the hateful asymmetry
and the angles and the fences at odd angles
and the carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in eight years
and the people with their problems
and their lack

why does this house make me sad
i am sad, house,
when I see you from afar
when I enter into your front door
when i lie along your hardwood floors

why, house do you look this way
did someone treat you badly
in their own specific, horrid way?

why does this house have two front doors
one in the front and one in the other front
shouldn’t you have a back, house, behind your face?

I want to paint your walls again
over and over until they sag with color and age
i want to replant your shrubbery
and strip the varnish off your floors

I want to live inside you, house -oh, house
hello house, It’s me again and I’m coming home to you
with my family and friends on the sabbath on ancient trade winds

House —
oh house,
I love you, house –
please stay. i miss you –
please house, keep the rain at bay
“please, house,” and “thank you, house.”
i will clean you, house, when you are old and gray
i will keep you,  house, and blow the winds away.

oh, house
please fall down
i don’t need
and i can’t stand you any more.