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The moon was crescent

and the stars, crystalline.

The trees were silent

and the skies were empty

save for those shining stars

that twinkled light into my eyes.

The air was crisp and cool,

my breath hanging in the air;

I looked up at the milky way

and found myself transfixed.


It froze me

and I was reminded of you

and your silken hair

that fell jet black

down your olive back

as you stood in front of me

figure reflected

in a bedroom mirror

meeting your dittoed eye:

it froze me.


And I was reminded again

of an april night the year before

when I stepped onto a tile floor

to find your head against the door

your eyes glassy and emptied of life

if there ever was life in those evil eyes.


Were they evil? I suppose not.

Madness? Sadness? I don’t know.

But your mind was crooked

and our paths were twisted

and our hearts weren’t meant for



My love, forever

for you, forgot.